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Posted on: December 5th, 2007

Term Paper Style

When the term paper is already written, it has to be designed according to some term paper style. There exist a lot of styles of the term papers, and you have to choose only one of them for your paper. How to do it? The only way to choose the term paper style is to consult the term paper advisor. Of course, the choice of the writing style of a term paper may be made on your own, basing on your knowledge. However, it is desirable to consult the teacher as he or she may want you to write your term paper according to the particular term paper style.
Normally, the choice of the writing style of a term paper depends on the discipline which the term paper is dedicated to. We will describe you the two of the most widely spread term paper styles, and list their main requirements.
The APA style of a term paper
The American Psychological Association term paper style, usually abbreviated as APA style of a term paper, is a style which is applied for term papers on Psychology and on other studies of that sort. This style of a term paper presupposes usage of the in-text citations for students to include more information in their term papers. Besides, the numbers of pages due to this term paper style have to be put in the upper right corner. Before the page numbers the term paper title has to be inserted.
The MLA style of a term paper
The Modern English Association term paper style, or the MLA style of a term paper, is usually applied for term papers on social sciences and humanities. Its peculiar feature is that the student’s name has to be put right after the page’s number. By the way, the number of each page has to be pointed in the left upper corner of the page.
If you need more detailed information, or the information about the other term paper styles, you should turn to the guidelines devoted to the styles of term papers.

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