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Posted on: December 9th, 2007

Action Research Proposal

In order to create a good action research proposal, it is important to know the meanings of all its constituents. You should clearly understand the purpose of your assignment. So, in order to clarify the purpose of your action research proposals, you should know what is:

  • an action;
  • a research;
  • a proposal.

So, let us concentrate on these points more precisely.
Action research proposal, point 1
An action has a great variety of meanings. It is very difficult and impossible to give one specific definition of this word. Let us assume that by action is meant a genre of film, so, your action research proposal will be dedicated to film industry. In this case an action is a genre, which is characterized by numerous fights, explosions or simple car breakdowns.
Action research proposal, point 2
A research is a kind of activity, which is performed by students in order to discover new facts or prove facts used in the project. When a student does research, he\she wants to find logical explanation of the facts.
Action research proposal, point 3
A proposal is a plan made by a student for a research, which he\she indents to present. When a student writes an action research proposal, he\she should take into consideration different points.
So, if we combine all these explanations, which were given before, you can understand that an action research proposal is a kind of work, which is prepared by students, when they want to create first drafts of their project. This action research proposals should be approved by the committee and your tutor, only in this case a student can continue his\her work.
If you still have problems with writing an action research proposal, you should not leave it aside, but do everything in order to clear everything up!

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