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Posted on: February 1st, 2008

Controversial Research Paper Topics

I think controversy lies in the nature of every person. And maybe it is great, because if everybody had the same opinions and agreed with every single thing, we would have nothing to talk about. And that is why the problem of controversial research paper topics is very common for many students. It means that the main question of your paper should be of a very disputable kind. Usually, controversial research paper topics can be encountered in the Political, Religious and Social Studies.
So, if you choose controversial research paper topics, you should be very attentive and confident in your knowledge. You will have to state your point of view and prove it. To do that you will need to read a lot of materials, to study different positions on your controversial research paper topic.
Presentation plays a very important role here. You should be perfectly prepared for it, since controversial research paper topics cause many disputes. You will be asked questions, you will hear opposite opinions and you should have the answers. Make sure that you have enough facts to prove your viewpoint and that you will be able to persuade the audience to accept it.
As it was mentioned above, controversial research paper topics mostly refer to Politics, Religion and Society. Controversial research paper topics connected with politics are popular because of the difference in people’s political views and it is difficult to write such research paper without having mentioned opposite views. The same can be said about controversial research paper topics on Religion and Social Studies, because all people have different beliefs, views and preferences.
For instance, you can choose one of the following controversial research papers topic:

  1. Can the USA intervention in Iraq be justified by the events of September 11th?
  2. Can the USA be called a really democratic country if the whole world knows about Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib?
  3. Death sentence – inhuman method or a deserved penalty?
  4. Can the prohibition of smoking in public places be regarded as the violation of smokers’ human rights?

Controversial research papers topics teach students to state and prove their opinion.

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