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Posted on: February 9th, 2008

Making an Interesting Online Dating Research

In our epoch of total computerization, online dating research seems to be one of the most exciting topics. Working on this topic will allow you to find out many interesting things. It depends on the aspect that you will investigate in your online dating research.
So, what are these aspects that can be studied in online dating researches?

  • Definitely, one of the most interesting aspects for your online dating research is the forthcoming of this phenomenon. Have you ever tried to imagine our modern life without the Internet, without all those chats, e-mails and other stuff like that? How do you think people used to communicate 100 years ago? Study the development of online communication in your online dating research; introduce official statistics on how quickly and where this kind of dating developed.
  • Online dating research can study the popularity of this phenomenon. You can observe the situation in your country, as well as in some other countries. We would recommend you to make an online dating research not for big and developed countries, since it is clear that the Internet is very popular there and is the main source of communication. You can investigate the situation in such countries as Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe and make a comparison of the outcomes that you will get. This will make your online dating research more complex.

  • Online dating researches may investigate the sociological aspect. Study who are the typical users of online dating services: men or women, mature people or teenagers, married or divorced. You can make an online interview or place a special questionnaire online. If you include the results of such investigation in your online dating research, you are more likely to get the highest grade.
  • In your online dating research, you can study the most controversial question: what is more important –Internet or real communication. Does online dating really help people? Or does it turn them into zombies, who cannot realize themselves in a real life?

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