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Posted on: March 18th, 2008

MLA Term Papers’ Guidelines

MLA term papers are nothing to be afraid of: these are usual term papers that are organized according to the MLA guidelines. So, you do not have to change the content of your term paper to make it MLA term paper. You just have to slightly change the overall organization and presentation of the paper.
Let us focus on the guidelines to follow while writing your MLA term paper:

  1. The first page of your MLA term paper should meet the following requirements: double spaced, standard type size (Times New Roman, 12), including your name, your teacher’s name, title of the course and date.
  2. The title of your MLA term paper should be centered, but not italicized or bolded. The requirements for the title are the following: short, directly related to the course, covering the main idea of your paper.
  3. Each MLA term paper should contain a page header at the upper right corner of each sheet of paper, mentioning your last name and page number.

  1. In-text citations of any MLA term paper serve as the evidence of actual research, so you should not have any doubt whether to include quotes, paraphrases or not. Simply state the name of the author and the page number in parentheses after quoting or paraphrasing.
  2. Finally, Works cited page is just as important as the conclusion of your MLA term paper. When organizing your Works cited page, you should center the title, and then list all the citied entries in alphabetical order.

Even if you forgot to organize your term paper into MLA style, this is not too late to make some corrections. As you have noticed, MLA term paper is a usual assignment with an emphasis on the appropriate presentation of your paper.

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