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Posted on: March 21st, 2008

Outstanding Economics Research Papers

If you want to write an outstanding Economics research papers, you should write about the most up-to-date and latest issues in the sphere of Economics. Fortunately, Economics is such a sphere that can always suggest some problems for discussion. There are some economic crises in the world that can be described in Economics research papers or some states that undergo certain economic problems. All these are perfect topics for outstanding Economics research papers.
We would like to propose you to write an Economics research paper on the following topic: Wars and Economy. Let us take the war in Iraq as an example.
You may be surprised, but some people think that wars are good for the economy of a country. This is, of course, a fallacious opinion and you have a great possibility to disprove this myth in your Economics research paper.
Let us find out why some people derived to the conclusion that wars can be somehow beneficial for a country. People usually think of the countries that have a high level of unemployment. There are no working places and few opportunities to earn money.
Suddenly, a country decides to wage war and starts preparing for it. Waging war requires equipment for the soldiers, increasing the amount of weapons and so on. That is why people who will produce all these are needed. Therefore, people get a chance to find a job.
This seems to be the only advantage of wars for the economy and for the country. Nobody thinks of those numerous disadvantages and, particularly, those expenditures that the country will have. Thus, do not hesitate to give this information in your Economics research paper.
For example (and you are welcome to introduce these facts in your Economics research paper), the United States have spent approximately 500 billion dollars on the war in Iraq. The scientists have counted up that by 2017 the United States will spend 3 trillion dollars on the war. So, how can it be beneficial for the economy even of such a state as the USA? All the experts say that the war in Iraq has already showed its negative impact on the economy of the country.
That is why, if you choose such a topic for your Economics research paper, you will definitely have a lot of things to tell about. It is almost your duty to divulge the truth about the wars and economy in your Economics research paper.

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