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Posted on: March 21st, 2008

Questions and Answers about a University Dissertation

Very often, university dissertation arouses various questions among the students. Perhaps, somebody is shy to discuss all of them with the advisor and that is why people start looking for the answers as for their university dissertation in the Internet. We are here exactly for this purpose – to answer all your questions. So, here we go.
How can I benefit from writing a university dissertation?
Actually, the benefits you get from writing a university dissertation are numerous. During the years spent at the university, you were doing various activities that were aimed at developing different skills. Working on your university dissertation will reinforce all those skills. You will deepen your knowledge and improve your research and writing skills, critical and analytical thinking. You will be able to synthesize big amounts of intricate information. What is more, writing a university dissertation will help you plan your work and manage your time, which will always be useful in the future.
Can a university dissertation play an important role in my future career?
Yes, it can – is the short answer for this question. Now, let me explain. First of all, a university dissertation will be important for you if you decide to make a career in the academic sphere. Later, you can further work on the topic of your university dissertation. Second, if you have several academic works, including your university dissertation, you can publish them. Even if you do not connect your future with science, publications will never be your disadvantage.
What should I do if I start writing my university dissertation and at some point do not feel like completing it?
Well, this situation is really common. For various reasons you cannot continue your work. Yet, you should remember that it is very very bad. You should not stop working on your university dissertation. But who told you that working on a dissertation is only about writing? There are many other things that you can and should do. You may look for additional materials to be included into your university dissertation. You may think over some tables, diagrams and graphs, which can be added to your dissertation. Finally, you can do the editing of those parts of your dissertation that you have already completed.

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