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Posted on: April 1st, 2008

Using Coursework Data

Coursework data is an important thing when it comes to writing a dissertation. It is the coursework data that you are basing your writing on. And the ability to find the information needed is a special skill that you have to practice along with the ability to write, think and analyze.
There are several spots to get your coursework data from:

  1. Your notes are the source of basic coursework data, because they contain all the information you wrote down in class. This information is primary, but not the only one. Certainly, you will save yourself time to get some simple coursework data out of your notes and not looking for it in other places. However, when it comes to analysis, you need to look for more solid coursework data.
  2. Recommended books on a topic are your best friends when it comes to looking for coursework data. Of course, it will take you more time to scan them through. Moreover, all the coursework data you will find useful will have to be written out carefully (do not forget to mark the sources you got coursework data in). However, you will see how helpful this information will be.

  1. Specialized journals will give you just the right coursework data. While text books give more global information, in specialized journals you may find the articles that deal with your topic. Such coursework data will give you material for critical thinking and analysis.
  2. Internet is the fastest way to get coursework data. For this you have online articles, books, encyclopedias and vocabularies 24/7. You can also use a coursework bank and online writing tips as your coursework data. Just remember – everything should be used wisely, so that you are not accused of plagiarism and other sad things.

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