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Posted on: April 24th, 2008

Do not Put off Writing your Research Proposal!

writing a research proposalSince writing a research proposal is not writing a paper itself, many students pass this task over lightly. Actually, writing a research proposal means giving your own propositions as for the investigation of a certain topic. Do you think that in order to propose possible ways of researching a certain topic you will need 2 hours? Hardly! At least, in order to do it qualitatively.
Now, let me explain why you should not put off writing a research proposal:

  • Reason 1. Writing a research proposal requires at least 2 days. Several days might be not enough to complete writing your research proposal, thus, you might not meet the deadline;
  • Reason 2. Writing a research proposal requires an awareness of all existing methods of investigation. Do you know all of them? If you do, you must be a boy or a girl wonder. However, you will also have to choose the most applicable method for your topic that also requires time;
  • Reason 3. Writing research proposals implies that you will collect enough sources, look them through and find the paragraphs that might help you with writing your research proposal. Now, think of how much time it will take you to do it;

  • Reason 4. Writing a research proposal requires thinking over the possible results you may obtain during your research. In order to be sure that you will get positive results, you will have to conduct, at least, tentative experiments or find people to be interviewed.

Now you have a brilliant opportunity to calculate how much time you will have to spend on writing your research proposal. Do you still want to put off writing your research proposal?

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