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Posted on: May 23rd, 2008

Parts of a Research Project Proposal

research project proposalWere you good at writing persuasive and argumentative essays? If you were, then writing a research project proposal will be easier for you than for others. Do you know why? Because the main task when writing research project proposals is to persuade the reader of something which you think is important.
So, first of all, you personally have to be sure that you are going to suggest something significant in your research project proposal. All the information that you want to present in the research project proposal, you will have to think over on your own. In this article we would like to tell you about the parts of the research proposal.
Your research project proposal will include the next parts:

  • Clear and precise description of what you are going to study. Remember that not everybody will be aware of your subject. Thus, you will have to explain everything clearly in this part of the research project proposal.
  • Objectives and goals of your research.
  • Description of the problem and importance of your project. In this part of the research project proposals you can use some official statistics and data to convince the reader of the significance of your project.
  • Description of the project itself. Here you will describe your investigation, possible experiments and so on.
  • Timeline of the project. In your research project proposals you will have to describe the steps of research, and time needed for each step.

  • Expected results of your research.
  • Personal statement.
  • Financing you will need to make research.
  • These are the main parts of your research project proposal. Each part should be succinct, but clear to understand. You have to realize that it will influence your possibility to conduct research.

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