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Posted on: May 30th, 2008

Writing a Research Proposal

write a research proposalWhen given a task to conduct research, a few steps must be taken to carry out successful research.
The first step is to find out what the main concept of research is. In other words, to get to know what research is about.
When you write a research proposal, you have to make sure the variety of the sources available is enough to cover the topic. It means that you must not stick to the internet or just books, but you have to take information from different sources: internet, books, journals, interviews or surveys, if possible.
When obtaining information that might be useful for writing your research proposal from the internet, make sure that the websites you call at are official websites containing legitimate information. A piece of advice is to stay away from Wikipedia website even though it might contain a lot of useful information, since most universities prohibit the use of that website. Reading information from that website might be good and useful, but do not present information you find there in your research.
So, collecting the sources to write your research proposal is the first step. Next comes writing your research proposal itself. Before you write research proposals, make sure that you have a draft.
To write a research proposal means to include the following parts: Introduction, Conceptual framework, Methods, Bibliography and Appendices.

  • To write research proposals Introduction means to talk briefly about your reasons to carry out research and information you hope to find out.

  • Writing a research proposal Conceptual Framework means to provide all necessary terminology and tell about the researches that have already been conducted on this topic.
  • To write a research proposal Methods part means to show the actual work you intend to do in your research. Do not spend too much time on writing the research proposal Methods section, just speak briefly in there.
  • Writing your Bibliography means creating a list where you show the sources used.

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