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Posted on: June 6th, 2008

Possible Dissertation Defense Questions

dissertation defense questionsIt is well known that during the dissertation defense a lot of various questions are asked. You should be ready for them in order not to be confused and get lost at that very moment.
Dissertation defense questions are not as difficult as they may seem at a glance. It is better to practice a bit at home before the dissertation defense. Let us imagine the following situation:
You have prepared a good PhD dissertation. You did it independently. You gathered and analyzed information. You are the person who knows about the subject a lot. Look at your work and think about possible dissertation defense questions. As a rule, such dissertation defense questions are about statistics presented in your work. Try to remember all important and essential numbers and special dates. Also, it is better to know the names used in this work.
To my mind, the nature of possible dissertation defense questions also depends on the committee. Sometimes, the members of the committee are too strict. They like to ask numerous dissertation defense questions and wait until you make a mistake. It is not the case, but it may happen. My advice is to fight! You have done a significant part of work and you have spent a lot of time!
There is one more thing to add about possible dissertation defense questions. It is possible that dissertation defense questions touch upon some personal issues.
Here is a short list of possible dissertation defense questions for you to answer:

  • Why is this topic interesting for you?
  • What makes other readers pay attention to this work?
  • How did you start the process of writing a dissertation?
  • What methods did you choose for making this work and why?

Are you able to give the answers to such dissertation defense questions? If you answer these questions, then you are ready to the dissertation defense. If you have some doubts or feel uncertainty, then you should work more.

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