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Posted on: June 11th, 2008

Market Research Proposal

market research proposalMarket is an amazing sphere that is constantly changing. Market is like an ocean with its stormy and calm days. Researching market is just as interesting and exciting as diving deep into the ocean.
So, you should not get upset if you receive a task to write a market research proposal, because we are here to tell you how to write research proposal. Besides, this is all about the attitude you are going to work with on your market research proposals. Let us try to be positive about this assignment and find good things about your market research proposals.
The scope of your market research proposal
When you start researching the subject of your market research proposals, you will realize that the term “market research” is extremely broad. Market research comprises the study of demand and supply, analysis of the current situation on the market, threats coming from the competitors, opportunities of developing new products and new markets, etc. You should not drown in this borderless information, but focus on three or four characteristics of the market in your market research proposal.
The size of your market research proposals
Since you will have so much information for writing your market research proposal, you will be tempted to write a thirty pages long paper. This is going to be a real mistake. Your market research proposal is supposed to be no longer than ten pages (though, it also depends on your teachers’ requirements). You have to present your ability to select the most important information and reflect it in your market research proposal.
Thus, you have to find a balance between the number of pages and their quality. Your market research proposal is about quality, not quantity, my friend!

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