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Posted on: July 11th, 2008

How to Write a Research Proposal Outline

research proposal outlineWorking on a research proposal outline is pretty much the same as working on the research paper itself. These two types of papers are closely related, especially when it comes to the parts of a research proposal outline and paper.
Students often underestimate the importance of a research proposal outline. They tend to jump into writing, dealing with the problems as they pop up. But if you start with creating a research proposal outline, most of the problems can be solved in advance. Here is what you need to pay attention to when constructing a research proposal outline:

  • Formulate the problem of research. Note that it will be divided in two parts of your research proposal outlines; moreover, these parts will be the first to open your proposal – Abstract and Introduction.
  • All of the research proposals include a list of sources that a student is planning to use. So, if you are writing your research proposal outline, evaluate the number of sources you can include into the list of references.
  • The Main Body of your research proposal outline can be called the hardest thing to write, for there are plenty of details to include. Here are some research paper guidelines: do not limit yourself. Specify and include as many parts into your research proposal outline as you need to solve the task. Certainly, everything has to be in reasonable limits.

  • Do not be lazy. Give some space to the Conclusion in your research proposal outlines. Mark the ideas you feel important to be stressed once more. Do not concentrate on the weaknesses. Feel free to make predictions, and if you do not want to forget about them, include them into the research proposal outline. If your research proposal outline is detailed enough, there will be no difficulties with writing the proposal itself.

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