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Posted on: October 6th, 2008

How to Write Film Analysis Essays

essays on filmsThis kind of work will never puzzle students taking film studies classes. Writing papers on films, making analyses of particular movies, studying the history of cinematography is their ordinary academic life. Hardly do they need some explanations on making a film analysis or writing essays on films.
However, students specializing in other fields may face various difficulties while completing this assignment. We are sure that film analysis essays will be one of the most exciting tasks they ever get. Is there anybody who does not have a favorite movie? Do you know somebody who does not like watching movies?
Yet, movie obsession is not enough to create thrilling film analysis essays. There are several peculiarities of analyzing films, and they are presented below.
Mind the following when covering this aspect in film analysis essays:

  • Camera’s placement, movement, angels for conveying different situations in a movie;
  • Long shots or close-ups;
  • Techniques used: steadicam or hand-held techniques.

When discussing this point in your film analysis essay, you should focus on the interrelation between sounds and images. Tell whether music and sound effects contribute to a better perception of a film. Think whether they help to create appropriate mood and arouse corresponding emotions.
In this part of your film analysis essay, analyze actors’ play, costumes, dialogues, gestures etc.
Think what particular genre a movie fits. Say in your film analysis essay whether its plot, main themes, tone and settings are appropriate for this genre.
This part of film analysis essays is devoted to the way the story is narrated. You will have to think whether its plot is organized according to a certain chronology or events “jump” in time, etc. Compare the first and the last scenes. Tell what has changed  
Tips on writing a history of jazz essay or public relations essay are given on this web site as well.

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