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Posted on: November 24th, 2008

Possible Ideas for Linux Research

Linux researchDo you have to accomplish one more assignment? Is it Linux research? Well, then this article is just what you really need. Here, we would like to present you several ideas for Linux research. Let us start!
One more operating system to investigate
Linux is one of the most up-to-date operating systems, and not everyone knows about it. You have a wonderful opportunity to introduce this marvelous system to the world (at least, to your tutors and fellows). Your Linux research is a good chance to study the opportunities that users get using this operating system.
Linux or Windows: What Is Better?
This question is probably one of the most frequently asked. The vast majority of computer users cannot decide whether it is worth changing Windows for Linux. If it is really worth, what are the reasons for such changes? Find an answer to this question while conducting Linux research. Compare these two operating systems during your Linux research. Find their strengths and weaknesses.
Linux: Its Positive and Negative Sides
Many programmers find Linux much easier to use. However, they cannot but notice its shortages. Why is Linux inappropriate for notebooks? What do people of various professions think about it? These are the issues you can investigate while conducting your Linux research.
Tux Is a New Friend of Yours
Have you ever heard about Tux? Is it an animal? A new plant? Food? If this is what you ask yourself when you hear the word “Tux”, you should certainly conduct Linux research, trying to find out everything about Tux. Tux is an official Linux mascot. This icon greets you each time you turn on your computer (if you use Linux operating system). Where has it come from? Who created it? Find as much information about Tux as possible during your Linux research.
You may use the results of your Linux research to create a good Computer Science research paper or a worthwhile Computer Science thesis.

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