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Posted on: December 3rd, 2008

Essays on Fear

essay on fearsIt seems like people all over the world have fears. Fears are an integral part of our life, and sometimes we cannot fight them. So, if an essay on fears is your next assignment, this article is just for you.
In this article, we are going to present several ideas to develop in essays on fear. Thus, it will be much more useful to you than online free essays on fears.

  1. Fears and phobias
  2. To present different fears and phobias in essays on fear means to discuss the differences between them. Fear is intrinsic to all people; phobia is a fixed idea of an individual. You can include the following examples of phobia into the essay on fear:

    • Aerophobia – fear of birds and flights by plane;
    • Fear of loneliness;
    • Gerontophobia – fear of contacting old people;
    • Homilophobia – fear of communication, fear to look ridiculous in public and attract attention;
    • Zoophobia – fear of animals.

    The list of phobias is not complete. So, you can find other types of the existing phobias and present them in the essay on fears in order to explain what differs phobias from fears.

  3. Famous people and their fears
  4. We suggest you discuss fears and phobias of outstanding people in the essay on fear. Do famous and outstanding people have any phobias? If yes, can they be caused by their occupation? Give answers to these questions in your essay on fears. You may include the following facts into your essay on phobia:

    • Napoleon was afraid of white horses. There were no white horses in his stables.
    • Stalin, the Russian generalissimo, had a toxicophobia and aerophobia. Thus, he went to Potsdam conference by train, secured by thousand of guards.
    • Madonna is afraid of wrinkles. That is why she uses snake venom against wrinkles.
    • Johnny Depp is afraid of clowns.
    • Alfred Hitchcock was afraid of eggs and could not eat them.
    • Donny Osmond, Kim Basinger, and Barbara Streisand have a fear of social situations – they have social phobias.

You can make a narrative story about your fears and phobias. Use our tips on how to write a narrative paper.
Do you believe that old people have fears? Then talk about it in the essay on the problems of old age.

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