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Posted on: January 21st, 2009

Free Tips for Writing Human Development Essays

human development essayWriting essays on human development seems to be an extremely difficult assignment. “Gee, I have to explain how our humanity has developed, starting from those first cavemen to what people are now!” – one may think.
Definitely, if you choose this approach to writing human development essays, you will never succeed. You will get a paper about 100 pages long that will look like a huge dissertation project.
You were assigned to write a simple ESSAY on human development, which means you have to choose a topic that can be disclosed on several pages. This is why you have to reject such ideas for your human development essay:

  • Human development in terms of Biology. In your human development essay, you will have to describe the process of growing up from one-cell zygote to an adult human being.
  • Human development in terms of humanity in general. In such essay on human development, you will have to cover the issues of economic growth, national incomes, and standards of living. On the other hand, if you choose this perspective for writing your paper on human development, you will have to explain why third-world countries still cannot develop despite of all the taken measures.

Certainly, choosing these issues as the main idea of your human development essay would be a big mistake. That is why we suggest you concentrate on the theoretical aspects of the matter.
Do you have any idea how many theories were devoted to human development? For many centuries, great minds were trying to explain various aspects of human development.
So, your human development essay can be devoted to:

  • Freud’s psychoanalytical theory;
  • Behaviorist theory of Watson;
  • Piaget’s cognitive theory;
  • Stages of moral development by Kohlberg (our tips for essays on moral development can be helpful), etc.

You can also find useful information for your paper in this article: child development essays.

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