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Posted on: January 24th, 2009

Free Research Proposal Guidelines

research proposal guidelinesHave you signed up for writing a doctoral dissertation? Courageous you are! You have weighed all pros and cons, evaluated future challenges, and finally made this significant decision. Fine, then let us talk about the very first challenge you might face.
A research proposal…The process of writing doctoral dissertations starts with preparing this particular paper. If it is not approved, you actually cannot start working on your project. It means that experts do not consider your research to be significant.
That is why we have prepared reliable research proposal guidelines that will help you succeed. Particularly, our research proposal guidelines will be focused on three extremely important components of your proposal.
Research proposal guidelines for making a hypothesis
In other words, a hypothesis can be defined as a thesis statement. Do you remember making thesis statements in your essays, for instance? Do you remember why they are important? Well, it is the first aspect about your proposal that the reader will pay attention to.
So, any research proposal guidelines will tell you that a hypothesis should:

  • Evoke the reader’s interest;
  • Introduce the problem under consideration clearly;
  • Introduce an idea or a concept, not just a fact.

Research proposal guidelines for making a literature review
One may say, “I do not need research proposal guidelines on this point. What is so special about enumerating sources used?” Dear dissertation writer, a literature review is not a mere enumeration of boring works of literature. It is your chance to:

  • Demonstrate own critical thinking abilities;
  • Prove that the main subject of your project is not well studied yet, thus to prove the significance of your research.

Research proposal guidelines for making a methodology part
By the way, this is the most complicated part of your proposal. We advise you search for additional research proposal guidelines for arranging it. You can start here: research proposal methodology. In a few words, you major task is to:

  • Give necessary details about the actions that you are going to take to solve the main problem of your project;
  • Prove that the chosen methods will really help you do it.

So, keep in mind our research proposal guidelines if you want this paper to be approved.

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