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Posted on: January 28th, 2009

Extracurricular Activities in Your Law School Admission Essay

law school admissionWhew! You have taken your LSAT and you are satisfied with your GPA. What is next? No, it is not time yet to relax and imagine yourself wandering on the campus of the law school of your dream. Now, you have to pull yourself together and concentrate on completing your law school admission essay successfully.
Let us start with law school admission essay help. Here are several general guidelines for you to make a strong essay.

  • Think for a while and formulate the main idea of your law school admission essay.
  • Make sure that your law school admission essay begins with an attention-grabbing introduction.
  • Do not repeat one and the same words all the time. Use a thesaurus to find appropriate synonyms.
  • Vary the length and structure of your sentences. A subject, verb, and an object – this structure will definitely make your law school admission essay boring.
  • Do not try to impress the admission committee with your vocabulary. It means that using complicated language and obscure terms is a bad idea if you want to write a strong law school admission essay.

Now, we would like to say a few words about an extremely important aspect of the law school admission essay. We mean extracurricular activities that can tell a lot about your personality. So, this is our law school admission essay advice on writing about your extracurricular activities.

  • Do not make a list of all of your hobbies and activities that you have ever been involved into.
  • Try to make an emphasis on those activities that helped reveal your leadership qualities.
  • Think of some activities of yours that make you a unique candidate. Do you play violin? Is spelunking your biggest passion? Write about it in the law school admission essay.

On this blog, you can find more information about a law school entrance essay and Harvard Law School admission process.

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