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Posted on: February 9th, 2009

Principles of Writing Division and Classification Essays

free classification and division essaysActually, writing division and classification essays is considered to be the easiest assignment. However, if you lack experience or face this task for the first time, preparing division and classification essays might seem a bit challenging.
What can you do then? The first option is to start looking for free classification and division essays. They will be good examples for you to follow. Particularly, you will learn how to arrange all those categories.
The other option is to read our tips for writing division and classification essays. Below, you will find the basic principles of completing this kind of work.
First, let us sort out what classification and division actually mean.
Classification means arranging objects, people, etc. into categories.
Division means arranging subjects into divisible parts.
Second, there are three important things that you should keep in mind when writing division and classification essays.

  1. You have to classify using a single principle;
  2. You need to determine categories;
  3. Each category in your division and classification essay should be supported with examples.

Finally, let us briefly discuss the main principles of writing division and classification essays.
Principle #1
Think for a while which way of organizing information into categories suits your particular case best. Mind that you do not have to make too many categories.
Principle #2
Make sure you use one unifying principle for making categories in the division and classification essay. Making categories according to several principles will significantly complicate your work.
Principle #3
Do not forget that each category in your division and classification essay needs good explanations and relevant examples.
Principle #4
Keep in mind that division and classification essays, like any other essay type, should follow the common structure: introduction – body – conclusion.
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