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Posted on: June 9th, 2009

Admission Essay Requirements: Things to Pay Attention to

college admission essayWhat do you think is the most significant aspect of a college admission essay? Many students will answer “Its content”, and they will be right.
The content of your college admission essay plays a key role, since it is the only way to demonstrate your unique personal traits and desire to study.
However, you know that any essay, including college admission essays, should meet certain official requirements. Thus, let us talk about college admission essay requirements.
College admission essay requirements: its length
Word limit requirements for college admission essays vary. Yet, in most cases, students have to write one or two page essays, which is 700-1000 words long.
College admission essay requirements: topics
This requirement for college admission essays also varies and depends on the college you want to enter. You can be asked to cover either one particular topic or several smaller topics. Topics are usually given in the form of a question that you have to answer.
If you need to answer several questions, each answer should be about 200-250 worlds long. These are standard college essay requirements, but you do not have to worry if you exceed this limit a bit.
College admission essay requirements: other aspects
What are some other college admission essay requirements that you should consider?

  • Do not forget about the structure of your paper. Nobody has canceled paragraphs.
  • Check whether all paragraphs have topic and transition sentences.

Finally, the main college essay requirement is proofreading and editing. Silly mistakes can spoil your paper even if you manage to meet all other college admission essay requirements.
On our blog, you can find more details about a law school admission essay and some general information about Harvard Law School admission.

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