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Posted on: September 7th, 2009

Cosmetology Essays: Talking about the Beauty Industry

cosmetology essaySure, the topic of cosmetology is more interesting to girls and they know a lot about the beauty industry. However, even some ladies might lack ideas for a cosmetology essay.
Well, cosmetology is a very broad field, and you can choose different perspectives and focuses to make your cosmetology essay. Ideas that come just from the top of head are:

  • Careers in cosmetology;
  • Famous people in cosmetology;
  • The latest tendencies in cosmetology, etc.

While these are quite good ideas to highlight in your essay on cosmetology, we have a bit more interesting suggestion for you. How about writing the history of cosmetology essay? It is so amazing that ancient people also had cosmetics and a lot of prototypes of the modern lipsticks, eyeliners, and mascara and used to care a lot about their appearances. Here are more hints for your cosmetology essay devoted to this topic.
Cosmetology in ancient Egypt
We are sure this topic will captivate you and you will create an amazing cosmetology essay. Egyptians developed a lot of things that we still use: spas, perfumes, dyes, eye make-up, and so on.
Nails in ancient China
Beautiful nails were an extremely important part of a person’s image. In your cosmetology essay, tell about specific techniques and methods used in China to take care of and make nails beautiful.
Geisha were not only an important part of Japanese culture but also an example of make-up, hair style, dressing, etc. There is a lot of info about Geisha that you can use to prepare your cosmetology essay.
Hair extensions
Hair extension is not a modern invention and it was used during the colonial era. Tell in your cosmetology essay how women saved hair and made amazing wigs.
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