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Posted on: January 28th, 2010

Perfect Essay Writing: Learn the Main Rules

perfect essayMany students have to struggle with their essays each time they get this assignment. To be specific, every student tries to create a perfect essay, tries to find and use some secret techniques that will make their essay stand out.
However, the main secrets of perfect essay writing are rather simple, and you have to learn them. This is why let us present you the main rules of how to write perfect essays.
Rule 1
Maybe, you are already tired to see this essay writing tip everywhere. Yet, we want to remind you once again about the significance of essay topics. Keep in mind that a perfect essay is not devoted to the following:

  • general topics;
  • narrow topics;
  • issues that are discussed to death.

Rule 2
Follow the rule of “three Tells”. Basically, this rule refers to the organization of a perfect essay:

  • Tell what you are going to talk about (introduction);
  • Tell what evidences you have (body paragraphs);
  • Tell what you have discussed in your paper (conclusion).

Rule 3
For some students, following the rule of “three Tells” might be difficult. Do you know why? It is because a perfect essay requires previous planning or an outline. Start work on your perfect essay with making an outline, which will help you decide what information should be presented in each section of your paper.
Rule 4
A perfect essay is a focused essay. First, you come up with a general topic. Second, you come up with specific sub-topics that are further disclosed in the body paragraphs of your paper. If every paragraph of your essay is devoted to a single idea, the topic of your perfect essay will be covered properly.
Our writers can also explain how to write a title page for an essay or a short essay.

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