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Posted on: February 13th, 2010

Chemistry Research Papers: Distinctive Features

chemistry research paperChemistry is one of the oldest sciences. Its history began in Ancient Egypt, with the status of an esoteric discipline accessible only to the worthiest of adepts. In our time, Chemistry is studied by every student but remains a very complex course, relying heavily on Physics and Math.
Knowledge for everyone
Writing a Chemistry research paper is basically the same as writing any other research paper. You should use the same logical structure (introduction, research description, and conclusion), the same tone, and writing style.
The problem is that Chemistry has its own features. For example, when completing your Chemistry research paper, you have to carry out some experiment and you should describe it properly. Formulas, equations, and conventional signs are widely used in Chemistry and you should know how to introduce them. Thus, the topic of our today’s article is distinctive features of Chemistry research papers, rather than basic rules of academic writing.
Mysteries of Chemistry
Chemistry is an exact science; this is why its language is very sharp. A single word, even a misplaced coma can change the meaning of your sentence, so be attentive when working on your Chemistry research paper. Unnecessary words and passages should be generally avoided. Begin your Chemistry research paper with basic concepts and definitions: in exact sciences, any discussion is meaningless without a clearly defined object of discussion.
The basis of Chemistry is an experiment, so you will need to conduct and then describe in the Chemistry research paper your experiment.

  • Describe the purpose of your experiment, the chosen research method, and its theoretical base.
  • Explain your choice of the method.
  • Introduce the results of your experiment. Remember that you should convince the readers of its validity.

Citation style of Chemistry research papers is usually ACS, which is the official style of American Chemical Society. Some papers may be written in CSE/CBE styles, depending on their type and length.
Be sure to check with your advisor what style you have to use! Good luck!

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