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Posted on: March 25th, 2011

Choose the Best Topic for Your Moral Essay and Succeed!

Every student knows what is right and what is wrong. All know so much about morality, but when it comes about writing a moral essay students get lost. What to write about? Well, there can be several approaches to choose a topic for your moral essay.
Historical approach. You may write about the first people’s attempts to define what morality is. You may also consider in your moral essay who mentioned this very word for the first time and what he/she meant, or when this notion appeared.
Your moral essay can deal with ancient people understanding of morality and principles of morality. For example, what the perception of morality was in Ancient Greece, China, or India. Or you can devote your moral essay to illustrating what people of 13th century thought of morality.
Philosophical approach. You may also consider in your moral essay the major philosophers point of view on the issue. You may research how this perception changed in the course of time. For example, your moral essay may define what morality was for Plato, Seneca, or Schopenhauer. You may also want to discuss what modern philosophers think of the issue.
Contemporary approach. Another topic for your moral essay can be the perception of morality in modern people. You may implement your own research and define what morality is nowadays, who keeps to the principles of morality, etc. In your moral essay you may feel like considering the main source which teach people to be good, or what these sources should be.
And, finally, you should remember that your moral essay should reveal your analytical skills, so choose the topic and analyze it properly.

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