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Posted on: February 28th, 2012

Short Story Topics: 25 Effective Exercises for Imagination

short-story-topicsSuffering from writer’s block and not knowing where to start your short story? You will see how lucky you are to find this list of short story themes which will become your miraculous cure.
This list of 25 exclusive writing topics will awaken your creativity and make you smile.
Short story topics: secrets revealed

  1. Your grandfather shows you a painting which he treats as your family relic. You look at it and see that it is a good copy of Mona Lisa. However, your grandfather insists that it is the original, whereas the copy hangs in the Louvre.
  2. Writing an essay about your hobbies, you decided to write about cooking. It is not half the truth. However, your classmates remember about your essay and ask you to make a pizza for a party…
  3. Your grandmother wears earrings with diamonds on your family holiday. She says that these are a love present from the days of her youth. Your grandfather who enters the room is astonished. He says that he has never seen these earrings before…
  4. Your friend shares a family secret with you. On his 18th birthday, his parents told him that he was an adopted child. He is irritated and wants to distance himself from his family…
  5. Your roommate tells everyone that he has got extrasensory perception. Your fellow students are going to consult him before the next exam…

Short story topics: extraordinary situations

  1. A doctor examines a female patient who comes to him over and over again though she is healthy. He starts suspecting that she invents new symptoms because she is actually falling for him…
  2. Your close friend sends a love letter to a girl he really likes. However, for unknown reasons, the girl thinks that it was you who sent the postcard. She comes up to you and confesses that…
  3. One day you receive a message congratulating you as a winner of a lottery. Surprisingly, it is not a joke. You do receive this money. The most astonishing thing is that you never bought any lottery tickets…
  4. Your parents want to present you with a trip to Paris on your birthday. You tell them that you are afraid of flying. In fact, you have played truant from French lessons…
  5. Your roommate thinks that she can sing very well. Your neighbors do not think so…

Short story topics: detective plots

  1. A hamburger disappears from your kitchen table. Who will you suspect?
  2. Your friend receives bullying letters and she is really annoyed with them. One day you see a student from your college running quickly not far from her house…
  3. One day you log into your Facebook account and see that several messages are marked as read though it was not you who read them…
  4. Your grandmother complains that somebody has stolen her glasses…
  5. Your driving license disappears from your pocket the day before weekend. Now you will not be able to go to the open air concert. You recollect that your Mom asked you not to go there, but could not persuade you…

short-story-topicShort story topics: diaries

  1. A diary of the last surviving dinosaur.
  2. A diary of a newborn baby.
  3. A diary of a mosquito.
  4. A diary of Cupid (a god of love whose arrows promise endless love).
  5. A diary of a small village boy coming to New York for the first time.

Short story topics: personification

  1. What if a computer mouse could speak?
  2. A dialogue with a video camera.
  3. A monologue of a Christmas tree.
  4. A dialogue with a refrigerator.
  5. A monologue of Wikipedia.

You are welcome to choose any topic for your short story. Consider your interests and take your chance to awaken creativity with any short story topic you find above. These 25 best writing topics can become either effective exercises for your imagination and writing skills or even story ideas for a novel.

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