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Posted on: November 9th, 2011

An Essay on Revenge: A Variety of Ideas to Develop in Your Paper

You get an assignment to create an essay on revenge, and now, you are burning with a desire to find a captivating idea to develop. Many students prefer to analyze different situations which require revenge; some students like to evaluate the essence of revenge as a result of grievance.
You do not want to use the already offered examples but do want to introduce a captivating idea to impress the reader and enjoy the process of your essay on revenge writing.
First Idea
There are many ways of how people prefer to take revenge, and movies may become good sources of inspiration for your essay on revenge.

  1. Commando: in your essay on revenge, describe how an angry father is ready to take any kinds of actions to save his daughter;
  2. Kill Bill: your essay on revenge may be about the bloody revenge for a number of unfair murders used by the character of Uma Thurman;
  3. Gladiator: in an essay on revenge, evaluate how the desire to take a revenge may fill in a human life;
  4. The Godfather: use Vito’s vengeance as the main source for your essay on revenge.

Second Idea
Your essay on revenge may become more real and more captivating in case you try to invent your own ideas for revenge and grounds which make a person take revenge. Maybe, the following ideas will inspire you:

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Posted on: November 2nd, 2011

Essay Writing Activities: Be Aware of All of the Activities

Essay writing is a frequent academic writing activity for students at all levels of education. Essay writing helps to develop writing, cognitive, and analytical skills.
Developing these skills in the shortest time makes these frequent writing exercises easy on students. There are definite activities associated with essay writings. Awareness of these activities in essay writing makes the development of these skills quicker.
Tips to developing awareness of essay writing activities
These tips assist in becoming aware of the activities in essay writing.

  • Essay writing activities start with deciding on the topic of the essay. This requires extensive reading on the subject matter.
  • Before actually starting the essay, essay writing activities involve the preparation of an outline. This is the route map of the ideas that will go into the essay.
  • Deciding on the thesis statement is next in the essay writing activities. The thesis statement must be crisp and fresh to inspire the writing of the essay and the reading of the essay.
  • The wring and development of the main body is the next activity. The body is to be broken down into main points. Sub-points developed into paragraphs are worked into the main points. The sub-points are expanded and examples included.
  • The next in essay writing activities is writing the introduction to the essay. This may seem lopsided, but is the more efficient way to write an introduction.
  • The conclusion follows in the essay writing activities. The conclusion summarizes what is in the main body working towards reemphasis of the thesis statement.
  • Editing and proof reading what has been written to provide the finishing touches is the final step in the essay writing activities.

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Posted on: October 25th, 2011

English Essay Writing Makes Students Sophisticated Writers

A definition is the enclosing a wilderness of idea within a wall of words.
Samuel Butler

Well, it is possible to paraphrase this statement and claim that an English essay is the enclosing of students’ ideas “within a wall of words”. Sometimes students build substantial constructions and sometimes they raise some vague fences.
Well, writing an English essay makes you a better constructor, i.e. it helps you to express yourself. How does an English essay differ from the rest types of papers? Why is it regarded as a very effective method to develop writing and analytical skills?

  1. First of all, you do not need to do calculations and laboratory researches (in the majority of cases). So, you can concentrate on writing itself.
  2. When you write your English essay, you learn to reveal your thoughts and opinions in a clear and comprehensive way. Of course, the skills obtained while writing English essays positively influences the rest of discipline you study (you start writing good papers on other subjects).
  3. As a rule, when you write your English essay you consider some literary work, a personality, a trend or some phenomenon. Working on English essays enables you to widen your horizons greatly.
  4. The main concern of any English essay is language itself. So, you do not need to use some dry language, you can try to make your paper catching so you will use various stylistic tools and vary your vocabulary. This will make your vocabulary rich.

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Posted on: October 19th, 2011

Essay on USA: One more Attempt to Seem Original and Interesting

Sometimes it may seem that everything was already written about the country of USA in endless essays on USA. Nevertheless, this is not true for imaginative and creative person with positive way of thinking. Thus, if you have received the task to perform the essays on USA as soon as possible and you need some help this short article may become useful for your work. Essays on USA are still exciting and really unforgettable to perform.
Essays on USA: The beginning of the creative search
Essays on USA will require your mental sources and also hard work and patience. The possible plan of actions for the process of working on essays on USA is presented below:

  1. The most meaningful part of the attempt to create a successful essay on USA is to think of the most exciting and challenging topic ever. With such a beginning you will get all the chances to receive high mark and recognition from the colleagues and professors. Do not afraid to demonstrate your creativity. Essay on USA gives you the possibility to test yourself and reveal all the hidden talents.
  2. Then goes the stage of collecting ideas. Do not ignore any of them, even the craziest. Write all them down and leave for some time when you will be ready to select the most valuable ones. Remember, it is very interesting to read about current events illustrated by memorable examples.
  3. The third point includes the writing of the draft. Work on it, polish it and in some hours or days the essay on USA will be completed.

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Posted on: October 6th, 2011

Dreams Essays: Inscribe the Dreams into the Pages of Your Paper

A human’s dreams have no limits: when you are dreaming, you cross all the borders and overcome the notions of possible and impossible. However, when you are to write a dreams essay, you face the necessity to “inscribe” your dreams into the frame of your paper. This article will help you to choose the angle for your dreams essay.
Write about Your Dreams
Perhaps, writing about your own dreams is the most pleasant option. You can choose any dream of yours and enjoy thinking about it when writing your dreams essay.
Describe your dream brightly and creatively in your dreams essay: let a reader share your delight about your dream. Explain what has awakened your dream. As well, do not forget to describe how you plan to make your dream come true: without it, your dreams essay may seem incomplete.
Write about Others’ Dreams
Choose a famous person who had a big dream and reached it. In your dreams essay, explain why he/she succeeded. As well, you may not limit yourself by the famous figures: devote your dreams essay to the people around you, some of them can be the real inveterate dreamers.
Discuss the Dreams
In your dreams essay, you can represent your considerations about dreams and choose one of the options:

  • Explain why you think it is important to have a dream.
  • Advise how to make a dream come true.
  • Give the advice to those who think they do not have a dream.
  • Express your opinion whether it is good or bad to be an inveterate dreamer.

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Posted on: September 29th, 2011

Dreams Essays: Is a Dream an Agent of Science, Fraud or Magic?

Do you like dreaming? Do you often peep into dream books? At any rate you will have no difficulties with your dreams essay. Do you have doubts about the topic for your essay? Then you may need some helpful tips to choose the best topic for your unforgettable dreams essay.
Science in dreams essays
If you cannot live without science and try to explain everything in a logic way you can consider scientific issues in your dreams essay. Of course, you may discuss Freud’s researches in this field. However, do not stick to this common topic. You may implement your own research on the nature of dreams referencing to different modern scientists’ discoveries. You may try to define whether dreams can be regarded as reflection of the true nature of a person. Is it possible to control people’s dreams? Define what colorful dreams signify. Do people really grow up when they fall in their dreams?
Prediction in dreams essays
Not so many dreams essays focus on the inexplicable feature of dreams to become true. What about dream predictions? Is it magic, supernatural powers, biological process in brain or self-deception? It can be interesting to describe some cases of dreams becoming reality or predictions.
Magic in dreams essays

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Posted on: September 14th, 2011

Dr. Strangelove Essay: Hot Discussion of the Impressive Film

All of us like watching good films that leave unforgettable impressions in our souls. Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb by Stanley Kubric also belongs to such a kind of movies. That is why it is not a wonder for students to perform the Dr. Strangelove essays in the college or university.
As any type of academic writing the Dr. Strangelove essays should meet the special requirements. Nevertheless, it may seem to be a bit difficult as one should figure out the topic and prove every statement with arguments.
Dr. Strangelove essay: The ideas to concentrate on
If you can not single out the topics for the Dr. Strangelove essay the following information will be quite useful. To write the successful Dr. Strangelove essay one should watch the film at least two times and make an analysis. Then it is advisable to read some critical materials and make references. There are some possible topics for the Dr. Strangelove essay which should be taken into consideration. These are the following:

  1. The problem of nationalism in the film. One may center the entire Dr. Strangelove essay on this point. Whether the nationalism is a positive or a negative phenomenon? What is your personal opinion? Give the answers for those questions in your Dr. Strangelove essay
  2. The coexistence of genders and their conflicts. This topic is also worth investigating in the Dr. Strangelove essay. The film is very bright and special. You may find a lot of interesting ideas in it.
  3. The participation of women in the war. This topic is also quite challenging but not impossible to research.

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Posted on: August 17th, 2011

Descriptive Essay: Demonstrating One’s Power of Observation

Choosing arguments for a descriptive essay
Working on academic papers, students need to take into consideration the type of the assignment. The fact is that this characteristic is as important as the actual theme of the paper. For example, argumentative and descriptive essay on the same topic would have not much in common.
The first paper is aimed at supporting a certain contradictory point of view providing the necessary evidence for it. A descriptive essay is aimed at characterizing various elements of an object or issue without establishing the cause-and-effect relationship between various concepts.
The peculiarities of a descriptive essay provide plenty of opportunities for realization of one’s creative potential. The main advantage of this type of assignment is the freedom for expressing one’s personal opinion. Objectiveness is important for working on most academic papers.
However, the format of a descriptive essay leaves some space for students’ subjectivity and personal reflection. Demonstrating one’s power of observation, an individual can point at the details that could have been overlooked by the rest of people looking at the same object.
Hints for working on a descriptive essay

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Posted on: August 10th, 2011

Dental School Essay: Impress, Persuade and Be Memorable

A dental school essay is your chance to impress the members of the dental school admission committee. To succeed, you should understand clearly what the committee expects from you. This article will help you to write a dental school essay which the admission committee will like.
Admission Committees Advise
When the members of the admission committees are asked what they appreciate about the admission essays, they mention good content, creativity and conciseness. Thus, it is time to discuss each of these three requirements.
Good Content
Tell the admission committee why you have decided to become a dentist. In your dental school essay, touch upon the following matters:

  • what has inspired you to be a dentist
  • what aspects you consider the most attractive in this profession
  • what challenges about dentistry you are aware of
  • what specific career you dream about

Besides, in your dental school essay, tell about the following facts:

  1. your strengths
  2. your biggest achievement by now
  3. your plans for the future
  4. the activities you are engaged beyond studying

Imagine how many dental school essays the committee will have to evaluate. Your task is to single out and to be memorable.
Creativity is necessary not just to please the committee. The people reading your dental school essay will see that you can be creative in studying and at the workplace.
To see how creative one can be when writing a dental school essay, you can read sample dental school essays. As well, read different application papers, for example, college application essays.

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Posted on: August 3rd, 2011

Dentist Essay: Interesting Ideas on Topics for Discussion

Human organism is a vulnerable thing that should be valued and appreciated. It is natural that some people fall ill because of viruses or other microbes. All these little organisms are likely to interact with the human one which causes illness.
As a rule, those people that neglect their problems with health, are likely to experience complications that may be even more dangerous than the illness itself. It is necessary to educate people in the importance of visiting doctors even if you do not encounter detectable health care problems. Some diseases may take a latent form which can be diagnosed only after a thorough examination. A dentist essay is relevant to the health care problems and the ways of treatment.
Ideas on Topics for Discussion in a Dentist Essay

  • Some people have a low threshold of pain, whereas others have to take medicines even when they have a slight headache. You can dwell on the sensitivity of teeth in different ages in your dentist essay.
  • Some people want to become cardiologists, while others dream about being a dentist. You can focus on the reasons for becoming a dentist in your dentist essay. Moreover, you can discuss pros and cons of the profession of a dentist in a dentist essay. Compare the profession of a dentist with other healthcare professions in your dentist essay. Analyze the differences of being a dentist and being a teacher/police officer/wedding planner in your dentist essay.
  • Dental hygiene can be discussed in a dentist essay. You can dwell on all areas relevant to dentistry in your dentist essay.

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