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Posted on: September 1st, 2011

Dissertation Fellowship Programs: Providing Support to Students

In order to write a dissertation that offers original and significant contribution in a particular field of study, student might require all the support that they can get while writing it. Such support can be provided by various dissertation fellowship programs that support students writing dissertations in particular disciplines.
The importance of dissertation fellowship programs cannot be overestimated, and thus, student should utilize any opportunity to apply for such programs. Different dissertation fellowship programs provide different eligibility criteria. This article will attempt to explain the benefits of dissertation fellowship programs, summarizing their general criteria for eligibility.
Overview of Dissertation Fellowship Programs
The rationale for providing dissertation fellowship programs can be seen in supporting particular areas of studies which might not be so popular in the academia, have low support, or often overlooked by students. Thus, many dissertation fellowship programs support students writing their dissertations in such areas as Christian studies, women studies, early American art, and other.
Additionally, many state dissertation fellowship programs might provide support to studies that cover local topics and/or exploring a specific region. The support provided is not a grant, where it mainly covers the expenses connected to the dissertation and the research to be conducted.
The eligibility criteria in dissertation fellowship programs, aside from being related to predefined areas and topics, usually focus on the following aspects:

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Posted on: February 25th, 2011

How to Write a Great Disturbia Movie Review to Ace the Course

Do you have a pressing deadline for your arts course? Do you need a review to ace your arts class? You should consider writing Disturbia Movie Review as a means to better your chances at getting that grade that you have always wanted.
Disturbia Movie Review is part and parcel of the movie reviews that students routinely write for journals and other course requirements. However, you can write a great Disturbia Movie Review if you follow some simple tips. The following suggestions would help you in writing good Disturbia Movie Review to ace your arts course.
Watch the Movie
To write good a Disturbia Movie Review, you need to watch the movie. This is an obvious fact but something that is nonetheless overlooked by some students. While the internet is a great place to search for a Disturbia Movie Review, the best course of action would be to watch the movie and make up your mind for yourself. The Disturbia Movie Review must be accompanied by an honest and frank personal opinion in which you speak your mind about the movie.
Stick to the Plot
You need not embellish the Disturbia Movie Review with unnecessary details. All you need to do is to stick to the plot and make sure that the review comes out right. The best way to tackle the Disturbia Movie Review is by reviewing the plot and ensuring that you do not give the ending away. Of course, you can provide a spoiler warning stating that you are about to give the ending away in the Disturbia Movie Review. You can also ensure that your review is free of personal biases and prejudices.

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Posted on: February 11th, 2011

300 Words about Report Writing Formats: Essentials to Know

Do you want to know more about report writing formats? Do you know that among the variety of the existed report writing formats, you should be able to choose the one that corresponds to the initial instructions set by your tutor? In this article, you can find enough information about different types of report writing formats and the peculiarities that have to be taken into consideration during the process of writing.
As a rule, a student has to rely on one particular report writing format: APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian, ASA, etc. Each type has its own peculiarities and requirements, and students have to know about them. In case students fail to meet the requirements, tutors can easily decrease grades.

  • APA report writing format: double space between sentences, bold headings, in-text citations which introduce author’s name and the year of publication after the comma;
  • MLA report writing format: single space between sentences, headings with larger font, in-text citations which introduce author’s name and the page (without commas);
  • Harvard report writing format: single space between sentences, bold headings, in-text citations may be direct and indirect, special attention to the organization of the reference list;
  • Chicago report writing format: single space between sentences, bold or italics headings and subheadings, and in-text citations that usually require author’s name, publication year, and page number.

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Posted on: December 17th, 2010

Economic Term Paper: Produce, Distribute, And Consume Goods

‘Consumer society’ is one of the most appropriate terms to characterize the contemporary global community. It is natural that people like to have what they have and are not ready to refuse these things. As we all know, some families lack the basic human needs, though these issues are basic and go beyond the term under consideration.
An economic term paper should be completed on the topics relevant to the economics in accordance with the basic rules of writing. There are many issues that can be touched upon in an economic term paper with regard to the history of development of the contemporary society and its needs.

  1. You can write an economic term paper on the concepts of poverty and luxury. You can compare and contrast both concepts in your economic term paper taking into account the level of wealth in different countries of the world.
  2. Your economic term paper can focus on the market strategies that deal with production and distribution of different goods. You can compare the production rates in different periods of human history in your economic term paper. Moreover, you can enlarge on the differences between the production and consumption rates before and after the war actions in your economic term paper.
  3. You can shed lights on the correlation of the ghost economy and the crime rates while writing an economic term paper. Analyze the crime rates in the countries that are claimed to have high percentage of ghost economy profits in your economic term paper.

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Posted on: December 10th, 2010

DAI Dissertation: Take a Deep Breath and Find Whatever You Need

Have you ever heard of a DAI dissertation? Well, this is one of the theses which can be found on the on-line database Dissertation Abstracts International.
Of course, you know a lot about such databases, but DAI is a bit special, since you can read the abstracts of all DAI dissertations before you will order the necessary one. In fact, it is very convenient – you do not buy a pig in a poke, but know for sure whether you may need this or that paper. What can make you so sure?
DAI dissertation abstracts
It is very convenient that you can assess any DAI dissertation because its abstract reveals precise and comprehensive information on the entire thesis. Thus, students submitting their thesis to DAI should write no more than 350 words abstract which contain the subject-matter of the DAI dissertation, the methods used, main results and the importance of this thesis. This makes DAI very useful for students.
It is necessary to add that DAI dissertations can be found easily since they are logically collected in sections. Of course, it is possible to search for the necessary works using key words (title, author, etc.).
Why are DAI dissertations so valuable?

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Posted on: November 5th, 2010

Waitress Movie Review: Learning How to Write Movie Reviews

Writing movie reviews is a great chance to share your opinion about different movies that you watch. Movie review writing has certain peculiarities which you will need to know. Below, we list the points that are necessary to touch upon in a movie review. We discuss it using the example of Waitress (2007).
Waitress movie review: your overall impression
What do you think about the movie, its idea and its level? Did you like or dislike it? How do you evaluate the “general feeling” of the movie? In your Waitress movie review, you can be absolutely genuine – this is what you reader expects from you.
Waitress movie review: ideas
In your Waitress movie review, summarize what, in your opinion, the movie is about. Lack of money and life opportunities? Lack of happiness? Feminism? Describe which thoughts the movie awakened in your mind.
Waitress movie review: plot
A movie plot: to tell or not to tell?… We recommend you to describe the beginning of the movie and to finish after showing the core of the whole story. For example, stop at the point where Jenna meets her new love – leave a reader of your Waitress movie review intrigued.
Waitress movie review: Waitress as a comedy

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Posted on: October 1st, 2010

Easy Book Reports: Quick and Easy Steps to Take

easy book reportWe know that almost all students do not think that book reports can be easy to make. We also know that because of those annoying book reports students begin to hate reading books at all. Yet, you definitely should not give up reading, but instead learn how to write easy book reports.
In fact, making any book report should be easy if you have enough time for that and if you have read the necessary book. But, when you face a completely different situation (you neither have time nor have read a book), skills of writing easy book reports will be very useful. Thus, check out some good recommendations on how to prepare an easy book report.
Easy book reports: tip 1
You have to start with solving the main problem, which boils down to your unawareness of what a book is all about. Fortunately, with the help of the Internet this problem can be solved easily. Have you heard about such resources as Shmoop, SparkNotes, or PinkMonkey? There you will find not only plot summaries, but also discussions of the main themes, possible essay questions, etc.
Easy book reports: tip 2
Do you actually get the gist of a book report? Or, do you know the difference between a book report and a book review? Reports are more factual rather than personal. This means that in your easy book report you may not share your feelings and deep impressions from the book, which definitely makes your work less complicated. You can simply provide some details about its author, publication, and a plot overview.
Easy book reports: tip 3

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Posted on: June 4th, 2010

Déjà Vu Phenomenon: Disease, Abnormality or Providence?

brainIt is a well-known fact that human brain is the most unexplored organ. Many scientists suggest that people use their brain at no more than 10%. There are so many incomprehensible and unpredictable phenomena connected with brain activity, and people have no explanations for those phenomena. And it is not even confined to reading somebody’s thoughts or lifting objects, there are much slighter examples of unexplained brain activities.
For example, each of you at least once had a feeling of déjà vu; it is when you feel as if you had seen, heard, felt, smelled, experienced something. Do you expect that scientist, psychologists or, at least, psychiatrists have found out what it is? Well, there is still no distinct explanation. People still are not sure whether it is a kind of pathology or some natural phenomenon, like sleep, for instance. What is it anyway?

What Is Déjà Vu?

Émile BoiracTerm Origin.
As you might know, this term is a French one, and it means “already seen”. Émile Boirac, a French philosopher, is believed to introduce this term.
First Researches.
Of course, this phenomenon existed very long ago, though researchers started considering it only in the 19th century. Scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, even mediums tried to define what it is and how it is happening. For example, Sigmund Freud also paid much attention to déjà vu, considering it as a kind of psychopathology, like schizophrenia.
Different Definitions.
The number of definitions and theories about déjà vu is approximately the same as explanations about Mona Lisa’s smile. Though, recently (in 1980s) Vernon Neppe MD, PhD, the famous neuropsychiatrist, suggested the following definition which became a standard one: “any subjectively inappropriate impression of familiarity of a present experience with an undefined past”.
Different Explanations.
This part is very interesting. Since nothing is known for sure about human brain, on the whole, and déjà vu phenomenon, in particular, hundreds of versions exist.
For example, the most accepted theory is based on the short-term and long-term memory correlation. In few words: scientists suggest that a person experiences something (sees a photo), then he/she forgets about the experience and the circumstance under which he/she saw this photo, after some time when the person sees the photo again he/she does not recognize it but has a specific feeling: déjà vu.
There are also very interesting theories. For instance, some scientists suggest that déjà vu phenomenon can be easily explained by the peculiarities of human sight. Thus, they claim that one eye perceives and sends the information to the brain faster than the other one; that is why when the other (slower) eye sees the same object or situation the feeling of déjà vu emerges. Hmm. Then what about smells or other déjà vu “provokers”? Are human nostrils, hands, ears different in perception as well? Of course not! But still the theory exists.
Spiritual Explanation.
Sigmund FreudApart from scientific approach to the problem, there is also a spiritual one. All religions always find some explanations to everything even very doubtful and provocative. For example, Christianity did beat Darwin’s arguments, claiming that dinosaurs were not the creation of evolution, but creation of God, who destroyed them as out of favor. Thus, religious people say that déjà vu is a fragment memory from one’s previous life. Though, this approach is even more obscure than with two different eyes, since the life after death is also “sub-investigated”.

Can We Master Déjà Vu?

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Posted on: November 28th, 2008

Free Info about Dissertations Online

dissertation onlineOne of the most significant periods in the life of every student is getting a degree. Are you on your way to get a degree? Is it MBA or PhD? Well, in any case, in order to get a degree, you have to prepare and defend a dissertation first.
Do you have any ideas on how to complete this assignment? Well, if you still cannot start writing your dissertation, we suggest you use dissertations online.
What do you know about services that provide online dissertations? Is it just one more online fraud or it is something really helpful? In this article, we will try to weigh all the pros and cons of using dissertations online. We will explain why you can say YES to dissertations online and why you can say NO to such service.
Well, you can say NO to online dissertation services (such as dissertation banks, archives, etc.), because:

  1. You cannot be 100% sure that a dissertation online is written by a professional writer.
  2. You can hardly be sure that your classmate does not come across that very online dissertation you want to hand in and also decides to submit it.
  3. You do not get a plagiarism report when using such dissertations online. So, you cannot be 100% sure these online dissertations are non-plagiarized. Do you want to be accused of plagiarism? We guess, no.

However, there are several points that can make you say YES to dissertations online (those provided by reliable custom writing companies):

  • You get a professionally written and edited paper within the deadline you set.
  • You can contact writers and discuss all unclear issues. Thus, you can be sure the ordered dissertation online meets your instructions.
  • You do not have to spend hours trying to proofread and edit your paper. The online dissertation you get will be grammatically correct.

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Posted on: November 23rd, 2007

Purchase term paper

You are a busy person, with a schedule of numerous activities for every day. You are a good student and got used to working hard and receiving what you deserve. But sometimes your teachers seem to go crazy with their essays, research papers, term papers or course works. It is almost impossible to meet the deadlines, especially if you want your term paper to be a good one.
You feel that you are overwhelmed with these assignments, unreal deadlines and teachers’ pressure. No wonder, you decide to visit one of the writing services and order a purchase term paper. Should you feel ashamed of doing that?

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