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Posted on: May 23rd, 2008

Parts of a Research Project Proposal

research project proposalWere you good at writing persuasive and argumentative essays? If you were, then writing a research project proposal will be easier for you than for others. Do you know why? Because the main task when writing research project proposals is to persuade the reader of something which you think is important.
So, first of all, you personally have to be sure that you are going to suggest something significant in your research project proposal. All the information that you want to present in the research project proposal, you will have to think over on your own. In this article we would like to tell you about the parts of the research proposal.
Your research project proposal will include the next parts:

  • Clear and precise description of what you are going to study. Remember that not everybody will be aware of your subject. Thus, you will have to explain everything clearly in this part of the research project proposal.
  • Objectives and goals of your research.
  • Description of the problem and importance of your project. In this part of the research project proposals you can use some official statistics and data to convince the reader of the significance of your project.
  • Description of the project itself. Here you will describe your investigation, possible experiments and so on.
  • Timeline of the project. In your research project proposals you will have to describe the steps of research, and time needed for each step.

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Posted on: April 24th, 2008

Do not Put off Writing your Research Proposal!

writing a research proposalSince writing a research proposal is not writing a paper itself, many students pass this task over lightly. Actually, writing a research proposal means giving your own propositions as for the investigation of a certain topic. Do you think that in order to propose possible ways of researching a certain topic you will need 2 hours? Hardly! At least, in order to do it qualitatively.
Now, let me explain why you should not put off writing a research proposal:

  • Reason 1. Writing a research proposal requires at least 2 days. Several days might be not enough to complete writing your research proposal, thus, you might not meet the deadline;
  • Reason 2. Writing a research proposal requires an awareness of all existing methods of investigation. Do you know all of them? If you do, you must be a boy or a girl wonder. However, you will also have to choose the most applicable method for your topic that also requires time;
  • Reason 3. Writing research proposals implies that you will collect enough sources, look them through and find the paragraphs that might help you with writing your research proposal. Now, think of how much time it will take you to do it;

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Posted on: April 8th, 2008

The Secrets of Writing a Business Research Proposal

business research proposalAny research proposal is an exclusive summary or a possible plan of future investigations. When you deal with business research proposal writing, you should understand its purposes, first of all.
A good business research proposal should be presented on a separate sheet of paper (3-5 pages) and should introduce the details as for your further investigation.
This article will provide you with interesting facts, which may help you create a perfect business research proposal. If you manage to present a good business research proposal, you will be able to make a wonderful research paper or even a dissertation on the chosen topic.
Business Research Proposal Secrets:

  1. Business research turns out to be a very important means, which helps to understand the peculiarities of Business better. Writing a business research proposal is the first step, which you should take in order to start your investigation in the field of Business.
  1. Business research proposal should present the main purposes of your research. Prove that your investigation is important. Show what you can get from this research and how it can help our up-to-day world business system.
  2. Business research proposal should demonstrate the steps, which will be taken by a student in his\her research. It is important to write everything clear. Your tutor should see that you are ready to take the next step in your investigation.
  3. Business research proposal becomes very important for the writer him\herself. When you create good business research proposals, you can use it during the whole research. It may help you and show the next step, which you should take.

Try to understand that Business is a part of our life. When you get such assignment as to write a business research proposal, you make the first step into a serious life, and you should do it perfectly!

Posted on: February 27th, 2008

Necessary Points of Academic Research Proposal

My dear friend, you are here again looking for a help. You have made the right choice, since we are always happy to give you a piece of advice. This time the problem is your academic research proposal, I think. Go on reading and at the end of this article you will solve this problem.
So, every academic research starts with an academic research proposal. You can ask “why”. You see, this part of the work is extremely important. I can even say that your research depends on the academic research proposal. If it is not approved, you will just have to quit your project and do something else.
What is more, your academic research proposal will show what kind of student you are. In this part of the work you have to show your competence in the subject, your ability to carry out valuable research.
Now, let us talk about the parts of your academic research proposal.

  • You will start with an introduction. Here you will have to present the topic of your academic research. Actually, you have to persuade the reader that this topic is extremely important and the whole world cannot go without it. So, pay special attention to this part of your academic research proposal.

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Posted on: December 28th, 2007

Research Proposal Format

In this article we try to enlighten such an issue as the research proposal format. We are going to give you some general recommendations as for the research proposal format and you may use them as your basic format while writing your research proposal. Be very attentive and try to catch the main idea.
Research proposal format turns out to be very important in your writing process. When you know for sure what research proposal format you should use, you face fewer problems in writing.

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Posted on: December 21st, 2007

How to write the research proposal

Research proposal is such a part of a dissertation or research paper, which describes the student’s intents about the research itself. A research proposal is normally written and presented to the defense committee in order to get the permission to conduct research. In this article we are going to tell you how to write the research proposals. You should read the list of the research proposal requirements, which is presented bellow. Be attentive to remember these requirements and put them into practice while writing your research proposal.
So, how to write the research proposal? In order to create a really good research proposal, you should complete the following requirements:

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Posted on: December 17th, 2007

How to Write a Research Proposal

A research proposal is to be written before you start conducting your research. It will help you get the permission on writing your research paper or the dissertation, this is why it is very important to stick to various rules while writing a research proposal. In this article we are going to tell you how to write a research proposal.
First of all, you should know that a research proposal is normally written in the future tense. The reason for this is very obvious and simple: research proposals describes the researcher’s intentions and aims, which are referred to the future.

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Posted on: December 9th, 2007

Action Research Proposal

In order to create a good action research proposal, it is important to know the meanings of all its constituents. You should clearly understand the purpose of your assignment. So, in order to clarify the purpose of your action research proposals, you should know what is:

  • an action;
  • a research;
  • a proposal.

So, let us concentrate on these points more precisely.

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Posted on: November 30th, 2007

Nursing Research Proposal

If you are writing the nursing research paper or the nursing dissertation, the first thing for you to do will be writing the nursing research proposal. The proposal of the nursing research is the research paper or dissertation’s part where the researches intentions and ideas are listed and formulated. It is written at once after receiving the permission to conduct the nursing research on the particular topic. The nursing research proposal has to contain the basic information about the research topic, to state the research purposes, and to point the research direction.
The proposal of the nursing research is normally based on some hypothesis for the student to be tested. The hypothesis is settled by the student.
The nursing research proposal has to include the following components:

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Posted on: November 13th, 2007

Research Proposals

Attention! The mysteries of research proposals are revealed in the article! Follow the guidelines suggested here and impress the committee with your research proposal!
At the beginning, we should say several words about the research proposal in general. You need to write a research proposal to have a clear and a well-grounded approach to investigate the problem. Also, consider your research proposal in terms of the following:

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