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Posted on: March 20th, 2012

Educational Research: Its Major Principles, Goals, and Methods

educational-researchEducational research can be of great interest to psychologists, cognitive scientists, policy-makers, and, certainly, future teachers. People who have only started their academic studies don’t know much about the goals of education research, its principles, and methods. This article will tell you more about these issues.

Educational Research: Its Definition and Key Objectives

There are many definitions of educational research. In general, it can be understood as the study of teaching methods, learning, and classroom interactions. This type of research can pursue various goals, and it is rather difficult even to enumerate them. To give an idea of the variety of topics, here are some examples of education research topics and areas:

  1. The assessment of various instructional models and teaching methods. For example, some researchers performed studies in order to determine whether games can be used productively during math classes.
  2. The evaluation of various mnemonic systems;
  3. Learning styles and ways of making education more productive;
  4. The peculiarities of second-language acquisition;
  5. The development of instructional models for people with disabilities;
  6. The use of online technologies in the classroom.

So, there are many interesting research areas and questions that you can choose. By answering these questions, one can make modern education more effective. Scholars can adopt various methods to pursue their research. Here are some of them:

  1. Qualitative methods, such as observation, learning blogs, experiments, observation, case studies, etc. The methods are used to study the perceptions and individual experiences of students and teachers. In this case, the main purpose of educational research is to formulate a hypothesis, not to test it.
  2. Quantitative methods, such as meta-analysis, structured interviews, surveys, and correlation research. They are aimed at examining the relations between dependent and independent variables. For example, the independent variable can be the use of a specific instructional model, whereas the dependent variable can be the academic performance of a student.
  3. Mixed-method design, which is based on qualitative and quantitative methods.

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Posted on: May 6th, 2011

Argumentative Research Paper: The Essence and Writing Tips

Have you ever faced an assignment that implies argumentative essay writing? And research paper writing? Then, you will cope with argumentative research paper writing quite easily. Consider the hints on successful argumentative research paper writing offered below.
An argumentative research paper is really quite similar with both an argumentative essay and a research paper:

  1. On the one hand, the purpose of an argumentative research paper is to present your opinion on a certain question to a reader
  2. On the other hand, in order to make your opinion grounded and to persuade a reader, you need to do a research and present its results in your argumentative research paper

What differs an argumentative research paper from a usual research paper is that you do not need to do original research. It is enough to:

  • Work with works of other researchers who investigated a question that you discuss in your paper
  • Formulate your opinion on a given question based on the material that you have worked with
  • Represent your opinion in your argumentative research paper and to support it with the references to the studied material

As for argumentative research paper topics, they are quite similar to those provided in argumentative essay assignments. They always contain a certain bit of controversy and imply two or more possible answers that are opposite to each other.

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Posted on: April 8th, 2011

APA Format Research Paper: Avoid Common Format Mistakes

Following APA format when writing a research paper is not very difficult: you read a guide and format your paper according to this point. However, there are several moments that students often overlook when formatting their research papers. Let us outline some common mistakes that students do in their APA format research paper.
APA format research paper mistake 1. Wrong bolding, italicizing, underlining
In your APA format research paper, do not use bond font in order to highlight what you consider important. Do not underline or bold a title and subtitle. Use italics when providing titles of works and when formatting your reference list.
APA format research paper mistake 2. Formatting page numbers
Do not be too creative with page numbers in your APA format research paper. See the following examples:
Incorrect: -12-, Page 12, p12 etc
Correct: 12
APA format research paper mistake 3. Formatting in-text citation
Sometimes students confuse APA in-text citation with MLA, Chicago and other styles. In your APA format research paper, you should format your citation as follows: (Barton, 1998). Do not forget to put a comma between an author’s surname and a year of publication. If you need to point a page number (for example, in case you provide a quotation, a number etc), use the following format: (Barton, 1998, p. 31).

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Posted on: March 18th, 2011

Action Research Papers: Hints on Structure and Writing Style

Though action research paper writing has much in common with writing a usual academic research paper, it nevertheless has its peculiarities. In this article, we discuss what action research papers writing implies and how it should be fulfilled.
Action Research Papers: Essence
Action research paper writing implies that a student does a research in order to find the way to solve a practical problem instead of contributing to scholar knowledge. As a rule, an investigation focuses on a local problem that a group of students or organization members work on.
In a research, both qualitative and quantitative methods can be used. As a rule, a researcher collects data on his/her own. For example, he/she can carry out a survey.
Action Research Papers: Structure
A structure of an action research paper is quite similar to that of a usual research paper. Your action research paper should contain:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Action research question
  4. Methodology
  5. Data analysis
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusions
  8. Future actions

Action Research Papers: Writing Style
An action research paper is a piece of formal writing. In such papers, it is appropriate to use scientific writing style similar to that used in a usual research paper. At the same time, it may be appropriate to simplify your writing style to some extent by possessing some elements of report writing style (for example, to use simpler and shorter sentences than scientific writing implies).

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Posted on: February 13th, 2010

Chemistry Research Papers: Distinctive Features

chemistry research paperChemistry is one of the oldest sciences. Its history began in Ancient Egypt, with the status of an esoteric discipline accessible only to the worthiest of adepts. In our time, Chemistry is studied by every student but remains a very complex course, relying heavily on Physics and Math.
Knowledge for everyone
Writing a Chemistry research paper is basically the same as writing any other research paper. You should use the same logical structure (introduction, research description, and conclusion), the same tone, and writing style.
The problem is that Chemistry has its own features. For example, when completing your Chemistry research paper, you have to carry out some experiment and you should describe it properly. Formulas, equations, and conventional signs are widely used in Chemistry and you should know how to introduce them. Thus, the topic of our today’s article is distinctive features of Chemistry research papers, rather than basic rules of academic writing.
Mysteries of Chemistry
Chemistry is an exact science; this is why its language is very sharp. A single word, even a misplaced coma can change the meaning of your sentence, so be attentive when working on your Chemistry research paper. Unnecessary words and passages should be generally avoided. Begin your Chemistry research paper with basic concepts and definitions: in exact sciences, any discussion is meaningless without a clearly defined object of discussion.
The basis of Chemistry is an experiment, so you will need to conduct and then describe in the Chemistry research paper your experiment.

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Posted on: January 29th, 2009

Custom Research Papers – Do not Make Mistakes

custom research paperCustom research papers seem to be one of the main concerns for many students. The point is that many students realize that custom research papers are an easy way to get a good grade. On the other hand, rumors about unreliable custom research paper services is what students can hear every day as well.
So, how can you avoid fraud writing companies? Is it really possible to use a custom research paper in order to improve your grade and not spoil your reputation and academic record? Well, definitely it is possible.
Before you buy a custom research paper, you should carry out a little investigation. You will have to analyze several custom research paper writing companies. So, how can you distinguish good companies?

  • By its reputation. This main factor should influence your choice of a custom research paper service. First, you need to consider other students’ recommendations. Second, visit the home page of the chosen writing company. Does it have testimonials? If yes, this is very good. Read what other students have to say.
  • By its live chat. It means that you have a chance to get all the necessary answers about your custom research paper any time you need.
  • By its reasonable prices. “Reasonable” actually means neither too high nor too low. Besides, do not believe the promises to write a research paper in 6 hours.
  • By a plagiarism report. Such report is the best guarantee of an original work that your tutor will not find anywhere else.

So, before you buy a research paper, make sure that the writing company meets all the above-mentioned requirements, and only then, you can use your credit card.

Posted on: November 24th, 2008

Possible Ideas for Linux Research

Linux researchDo you have to accomplish one more assignment? Is it Linux research? Well, then this article is just what you really need. Here, we would like to present you several ideas for Linux research. Let us start!
One more operating system to investigate
Linux is one of the most up-to-date operating systems, and not everyone knows about it. You have a wonderful opportunity to introduce this marvelous system to the world (at least, to your tutors and fellows). Your Linux research is a good chance to study the opportunities that users get using this operating system.
Linux or Windows: What Is Better?
This question is probably one of the most frequently asked. The vast majority of computer users cannot decide whether it is worth changing Windows for Linux. If it is really worth, what are the reasons for such changes? Find an answer to this question while conducting Linux research. Compare these two operating systems during your Linux research. Find their strengths and weaknesses.
Linux: Its Positive and Negative Sides
Many programmers find Linux much easier to use. However, they cannot but notice its shortages. Why is Linux inappropriate for notebooks? What do people of various professions think about it? These are the issues you can investigate while conducting your Linux research.
Tux Is a New Friend of Yours

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Posted on: November 19th, 2008

Essentials of Action Research Paper Writing

action researchDo you have any ideas of what an action research paper is? Why do students need to write an action research paper? What is action research? How should you conduct it?
Well, no panic if you do not have all answers to these questions. You will find them in this article! Let us start.
Action research aims at evaluating students’ educational practical training.
An action research paper is a project that presents action research and theory to cover the topic under investigation. Usually, students prepare action research papers after the completion of the educational practical training period. It is a brief review of the work done.
Well, there are three main purposes of writing an action research paper:

  1. To improve knowledge of the chosen field of study;
  2. To analyze the work done better;
  3. To demonstrate knowledge gained at the classroom.

Here are several research paper tips you may use while writing your action research paper:

  • Context:
  • Introduce the place of practical trainings: statistical data (number of students, teachers), general info about the institution, etc.
  • Describe your students: their age, strengths and weaknesses, etc…
  • Project:
  • Posted on: September 24th, 2008

    How to Make an Outline for a Research Paper

    research paper outlineDo you want anyone to help you with an outline for a research paper? May we? Good! There are 3 main ways of making an outline for a research paper. So, follow the guidelines presented below:

    1. How to Make a Research Paper Outline: Way #1
      • Write down the topic of your research paper in the middle of your to-be research paper outline. It will help you rally your thoughts together and concentrate on ideas. The most important thing is not to be taken up by this step. You are running a risk of wasting much time.
      • Formulate the problem for consideration clearly. It will be the second component of your research paper outline. So, write it down under the topic of your research paper outline and draw several arrows from it.
      • Write down all existing theories and approaches to the problem you are exploring near each of the arrows. These are different standpoints that you will have to refute in the research paper itself.
      • Draw a big circle below the previous components of your research paper outline. You will fill in this circle with your own thesis statement formulated clearly and comprehensively enough;

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    Posted on: September 4th, 2008

    How to Use a Research Paper Search Engine

    research paper search engineNovice students usually face difficulties when using a research paper search engine. This is no surprise. Before using a research paper search engine, you should know for sure what to use it for:

    1. A research paper search engine can be used to find a prewritten assignment. In this case, there are plenty of research paper search engines at your service – from downloading free to paying certain sums of money to download a paper.
    2. If you are smarter, you can use a research paper search engine in your interests, for example, to check out a research paper bibliography. This is really handy, especially at the research paper search engine sites that are free to use. Imagine someone researching and writing, and after that you find the paper you need at research paper search engines, check out the sources, get them in the library and save time on looking.
    3. A research paper search engine is useful for research paper ideas. For example, you need a topic but cannot formulate it or even cannot get what to write about. Go to research paper search engines, find the subject you need and we are pretty sure you will find some ideas on the topics you can write about.

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