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Posted on: January 21st, 2010

Information for Research Proposal Writers

research proposal writerOne day, you may become a research proposal writer. Even if it does not last long, it will be very important for your student’s career. In order to be successful in your research proposal writer status, you need to know several quite simple, but significant rules of writing a research proposal.
This article will help you become a really good research proposal writer and easily cope with your assignment.
First of all, any research proposal writer should know why research proposals are necessary. Do you know the answer? Well, a research proposal writer should keep in mind four main components of any research proposal in order to understand how important this work is. Here they are:

  • Description of the problem under consideration;
  • Argument that proves the importance of this research;
  • Review of literature pertinent to this project;
  • Future use of research results.

When a research proposal writer takes into consideration this information, he\she understands that this piece of work is really important and cannot be skipped.
Still, to know about such importance is not enough. It is also significant to know how to write a good and a worthy research proposal.
Well, a sophisticated research proposal writer should be aware of the necessary structure. If you, my dear research proposal writer, do not know about it, there is a small present for you – absolutely free and rather useful research proposal outline!

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Posted on: January 24th, 2009

Free Research Proposal Guidelines

research proposal guidelinesHave you signed up for writing a doctoral dissertation? Courageous you are! You have weighed all pros and cons, evaluated future challenges, and finally made this significant decision. Fine, then let us talk about the very first challenge you might face.
A research proposal…The process of writing doctoral dissertations starts with preparing this particular paper. If it is not approved, you actually cannot start working on your project. It means that experts do not consider your research to be significant.
That is why we have prepared reliable research proposal guidelines that will help you succeed. Particularly, our research proposal guidelines will be focused on three extremely important components of your proposal.
Research proposal guidelines for making a hypothesis
In other words, a hypothesis can be defined as a thesis statement. Do you remember making thesis statements in your essays, for instance? Do you remember why they are important? Well, it is the first aspect about your proposal that the reader will pay attention to.
So, any research proposal guidelines will tell you that a hypothesis should:

  • Evoke the reader’s interest;
  • Introduce the problem under consideration clearly;
  • Introduce an idea or a concept, not just a fact.

Research proposal guidelines for making a literature review
One may say, “I do not need research proposal guidelines on this point. What is so special about enumerating sources used?” Dear dissertation writer, a literature review is not a mere enumeration of boring works of literature. It is your chance to:

  • Demonstrate own critical thinking abilities;
  • Prove that the main subject of your project is not well studied yet, thus to prove the significance of your research.

Research proposal guidelines for making a methodology part
By the way, this is the most complicated part of your proposal. We advise you search for additional research proposal guidelines for arranging it. You can start here: research proposal methodology. In a few words, you major task is to:

  • Give necessary details about the actions that you are going to take to solve the main problem of your project;
  • Prove that the chosen methods will really help you do it.

So, keep in mind our research proposal guidelines if you want this paper to be approved.

Posted on: August 27th, 2008

Free Research Proposal Help

research proposals helpDear students! Let us have your attention, please! The article you are reading offers you comprehensive research proposal help and reveals the mysteries of writing research proposals. If you follow the guidelines presented, you will be able to impress your supervisor by a perfectly made research proposal.
Before we provide research proposal help promised, let us say a few words about a proposal in general.
A research proposal is a paper that offers your own way of investigating a specific problem. It should be shown to your supervisor in order to get permission for investigating your topic using the methods of research you have chosen.
Below you can find several keys that can serve you as good research proposals help:

  • Research proposals help: Key 1. Enthusiasm and insight;
  • Research proposal help: Key 2. Endeavor to make a contribution by making a new finding;
  • Research proposals help: Key 3. Effective methodology;
  • Research proposal help: Key 4. Demonstration of the novelty and uniqueness of your investigation.

Research Proposal Help: Pay Attention to the Following:

  • The title of your research proposal should be short, catchy and clear;
  • The summary of your proposal should be focused on the significance of the problem you are exploring;
  • The writing style used for your proposal should also be clear.

Research Proposals Help: Steps to Take

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Posted on: July 23rd, 2008

7 Things You Should Know about a Research Proposal Sample

research proposal sampleDo you want to see how a research proposal looks like? Do you want to make your own research proposal by analogy with what you have seen? Then a research proposal sample is certainly what you need.
However, before you start using a comprehensive research paper proposal, let us present you 10 things you should know about a research proposal sample.

  1. A research proposal sample can be found either in the university library or online;
  2. It is better to use a research proposal sample from your university library, since as a rule, research paper samples kept there are made in correspondence with the requirements established by your academic institution;
  3. A comprehensive research proposal sample is the one that is properly structured and formatted. So, before you make use of any research proposal sample, make sure that its structure and format corresponds to the requirements;
  4. A good research proposal sample is the one that can give you a vivid picture of what its author aimed to investigate;
  5. If the research proposal samples found explains what research can be significant for reasonably, and the explanations sound persuasive enough, you may be sure that it deserves your attention;

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Posted on: July 21st, 2008

Peculiarities of Research Proposal Topics

research proposal topicsIf you have made a decision to write a dissertation, this process will start with writing a proposal. Academic research proposal has a lot of requirements that you should be aware of. Particularly, you have to know the exact parts that your proposal should include. What is more, you should know the information that each part should highlight. We would recommend you to pay special attention to writing such parts of your proposal as research proposal methodology, literature review and conceptual framework.
However, there is one specific aspect of writing proposals that many students miss. It is research proposal topics. You know, some students even have not heard about research proposal topic. This is why we are ready to provide you with information on this issue.

  1. First, research proposal topics are submitted to the members of the committee. If your topic is approved, you can be sure that you do everything properly.
  2. Now, let us talk about what research proposal topics actually are. Research proposal topic should appear in the form of a short statement or paragraph, which will introduce the subject area.
  3. There are two major peculiarities of research proposal topics.
  1. Research proposal topic should be different from the topic proposed for research itself.
  2. You have to formulate your topic clearly and demonstrate that it is going to provide some new information on a certain problem.

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Posted on: July 11th, 2008

How to Write a Research Proposal Outline

research proposal outlineWorking on a research proposal outline is pretty much the same as working on the research paper itself. These two types of papers are closely related, especially when it comes to the parts of a research proposal outline and paper.
Students often underestimate the importance of a research proposal outline. They tend to jump into writing, dealing with the problems as they pop up. But if you start with creating a research proposal outline, most of the problems can be solved in advance. Here is what you need to pay attention to when constructing a research proposal outline:

  • Formulate the problem of research. Note that it will be divided in two parts of your research proposal outlines; moreover, these parts will be the first to open your proposal – Abstract and Introduction.
  • All of the research proposals include a list of sources that a student is planning to use. So, if you are writing your research proposal outline, evaluate the number of sources you can include into the list of references.
  • The Main Body of your research proposal outline can be called the hardest thing to write, for there are plenty of details to include. Here are some research paper guidelines: do not limit yourself. Specify and include as many parts into your research proposal outline as you need to solve the task. Certainly, everything has to be in reasonable limits.

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Posted on: July 2nd, 2008

Points to Be Included in Your Research Paper Proposal

research paper proposalWe should tell you straight away that pretty much all research proposals are very similar. Research proposal format and its components do not differ much. That is why we are going to tell you about the most common parts of any research paper proposal.
Still, first, we would like to remind you that research paper proposals writing is a really important part of your work. If you do not follow all the necessary requirements or you cannot describe clearly every detail of your research, it is more likely that your research paper proposal will fail.
Thus, be attentive and careful while writing your research paper proposal. Do not give too much information, but make sure that you include all the significant aspects. Now, let us pass to the main parts of your research paper proposals.

  • A general subject of your paper;
  • Information about your major and reasons why you decided to conduct this particular research. In this part of your research paper proposal, you should think about the benefits that you will get after finishing your project.
  • Thesis statement of your research paper proposal is one of the crucial points. These two sentences should reflect the main idea of your work.

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Posted on: June 11th, 2008

Market Research Proposal

market research proposalMarket is an amazing sphere that is constantly changing. Market is like an ocean with its stormy and calm days. Researching market is just as interesting and exciting as diving deep into the ocean.
So, you should not get upset if you receive a task to write a market research proposal, because we are here to tell you how to write research proposal. Besides, this is all about the attitude you are going to work with on your market research proposals. Let us try to be positive about this assignment and find good things about your market research proposals.
The scope of your market research proposal
When you start researching the subject of your market research proposals, you will realize that the term “market research” is extremely broad. Market research comprises the study of demand and supply, analysis of the current situation on the market, threats coming from the competitors, opportunities of developing new products and new markets, etc. You should not drown in this borderless information, but focus on three or four characteristics of the market in your market research proposal.
The size of your market research proposals

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Posted on: June 5th, 2008

Research Proposal Template Importance

research proposal templateTo be a student means to face new tasks every day and to find interesting ways of accomplishing them. It happens that you can do everything using only your own skills and abilities. Sometimes, you understand that you need some help.
If you have started writing a research proposal, then this article may be rather helpful for you. It contains interesting facts about a research proposal template.
This research paper template can help you not to make mistakes in your work. In this article we will talk about the research proposal parts and their significance.
Part I: Research Proposal Template: Introduction
Our research proposal template advises you to start with a clear statement, which will run your paper. It should demonstrate what you are going to do and in what manner. Introduce the work and prove that it makes some sense.
Part II: Research Proposal Template: Literature Review
Our research proposal template suggests you to present a summary of the investigations, which were already done on this topic.
You should synthesize all gathered materials.
Part III: Research Proposal Template: Methodology
Our research proposal template points out the necessity to describe the chosen methods of researching: how you gather information and analyze it.

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Posted on: May 30th, 2008

Writing a Research Proposal

write a research proposalWhen given a task to conduct research, a few steps must be taken to carry out successful research.
The first step is to find out what the main concept of research is. In other words, to get to know what research is about.
When you write a research proposal, you have to make sure the variety of the sources available is enough to cover the topic. It means that you must not stick to the internet or just books, but you have to take information from different sources: internet, books, journals, interviews or surveys, if possible.
When obtaining information that might be useful for writing your research proposal from the internet, make sure that the websites you call at are official websites containing legitimate information. A piece of advice is to stay away from Wikipedia website even though it might contain a lot of useful information, since most universities prohibit the use of that website. Reading information from that website might be good and useful, but do not present information you find there in your research.
So, collecting the sources to write your research proposal is the first step. Next comes writing your research proposal itself. Before you write research proposals, make sure that you have a draft.
To write a research proposal means to include the following parts: Introduction, Conceptual framework, Methods, Bibliography and Appendices.

  • To write research proposals Introduction means to talk briefly about your reasons to carry out research and information you hope to find out.

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